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Property Management, Marketing, Data Analytics, RE Professionals, Financial Management, SaaS, Marketplace, Software and Project Management, Tenant Management, AI, etc.

Data Analytics, SaaS, Marketing, AI, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management, Finance Management, Marketplace, CRM, etc.

SaaS, Marketing, Data Analytics, Property Management, Marketing, Marketplace, Transaction Management, Augmented Reality, Asset Management, CRM, etc.

Console Group – Award-winning software designed for seamless property management

Founded: 1992
Location: South Brisbane, Queensland
Operating Status: Active
Industries: Commercial | SaaS

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Josh McKinstrey


Recent News & Activities

Console Analyticsᐩ is ready to rumble! Console Analyticsᐩ is ready to rumble!

Analysing your property management data to support making informed business decisions doesn't need to be difficult, boring, time consuming…

2023-09-14 05:41:44

Console Cloud is gearing up for the launch of our powerhouse business intelligence tool Analyticsᐩ early next week

Our property management reporting and business intelligence suite will give you insight into your property management business like you’ve never seen before!

2023-09-14 05:41:44