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Property Management, Marketing, Data Analytics, RE Professionals, Financial Management, SaaS, Marketplace, Software and Project Management, Tenant Management, AI, etc.

Data Analytics, SaaS, Marketing, AI, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management, Finance Management, Marketplace, CRM, etc.

SaaS, Marketing, Data Analytics, Property Management, Marketing, Marketplace, Transaction Management, Augmented Reality, Asset Management, CRM, etc.

Enconyx Smart Buildings system is an IoT-based platform designed for holistic and effortless building management. Simplify and optimise operational costs of a single or series of buildings while retaining maximum occupant comfort and satisfaction. Enconyx Smart Buildings pairs real-time monitoring and data collection with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify and predict efficiency opportunities.

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Operating Status: Active
Industries: Commercial | Internet of Things

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Animesh Dubey


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