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Property Management, Marketing, Data Analytics, RE Professionals, Financial Management, SaaS, Marketplace, Software and Project Management, Tenant Management, AI, etc.

Data Analytics, SaaS, Marketing, AI, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management, Finance Management, Marketplace, CRM, etc.

SaaS, Marketing, Data Analytics, Property Management, Marketing, Marketplace, Transaction Management, Augmented Reality, Asset Management, CRM, etc.

FLNT (acquired LeaseInfo Group and Accurait) data aggregator and marketplace platform that helps users find, visualise and analyse real estate data at speed - empowering them to make better informed decisions.

Founded: 2021
Location: Summer Hill, New South Wales
Operating Status: Active
Industries: Commercial | Marketplace

Meet the Team


Simon Fonteyn

Executive Director

Recent News & Activities

NASDAQ experienced the worst year since 2008 with the index down by more than 30%.

The biggest factor behind the dismal performance was the major decline in tech stock prices: Meta lost 65% of its market value while Alphabet was down 35%.

2023-09-14 05:41:36

Commercial real estate data is often spread across different systems and platforms.

This is a challenge for many real estate businesses to integrate and analyse at speed.

2023-09-14 05:41:36