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Property Management, Marketing, Data Analytics, RE Professionals, Financial Management, SaaS, Marketplace, Software and Project Management, Tenant Management, AI, etc.

Data Analytics, SaaS, Marketing, AI, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management, Finance Management, Marketplace, CRM, etc.

SaaS, Marketing, Data Analytics, Property Management, Marketing, Marketplace, Transaction Management, Augmented Reality, Asset Management, CRM, etc.

Place Score Action-oriented insights for liveable neighbourhoods, loveable parks & successful main streets Place Score transforms community opinion into data-driven evidence to unlock the power of your places.

Founded: 2015
Location: Surry Hills, New South Wales
Operating Status: Active
Industries: Retail | Marketing

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Kylie Legge


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In Profile: Kylie Legge, CEO of Place Score

A leading voice in placemaking, Kylie Legge is an architecture graduate, planner, place maker, author, facilitator, curator and entrepreneur. She is founding Director of Place Partners, a multidisciplinary placemaking consultancy based in Sydney, Australia and Place Score – the world’s first place experience measurement company.

2023-09-14 05:41:41