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Property Management, Marketing, Data Analytics, RE Professionals, Financial Management, SaaS, Marketplace, Software and Project Management, Tenant Management, AI, etc.

Data Analytics, SaaS, Marketing, AI, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Management, Finance Management, Marketplace, CRM, etc.

SaaS, Marketing, Data Analytics, Property Management, Marketing, Marketplace, Transaction Management, Augmented Reality, Asset Management, CRM, etc.

SKYFII is a software that provides new insights for venue operators and marketers. As the world’s first omnidata intelligence company, they provide the technology, the data, and the expertise to show you what’s happening in your venues and why.

Founded: 2012
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Operating Status: Active
Industries: Retail | Data Analytics

Meet the Team


Wayne Arthur


Andrew Johnson


Recent News & Activities

Skyfii continues to grow its pipeline of business opportunities

Under the leadership of Johnson, Skyfii has grown its global footprint, expanded its product offering, executed on multiple acquisitions and significantly increased its revenue, which has seen the company emerge as a global leader in venue intelligence.

2023-09-14 05:41:46

Aussie tech minnow rockets on news of US McDonald’s deal

Shares in ASX-listed customer tracking and analysis firm Skyfii soared on Tuesday, after it announced it has signed a three-year deal with fast-food giant McDonald’s, which will test whether it can use its light detection technology to speed up deliveries and save a fortune in wasted burgers.

2023-09-14 05:41:46