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REACH Australia & New Zealand Announces a Banner Year in 2023 and Momentum for Continued Growth in 2024

  • 1 Feb

As I think about the journey of REACH Australia & New Zealand throughout 2023, I am reminded of how much momentum we have built. As the Portfolio Manager, witnessing the dynamic growth and monumental achievements of our organisation and rapidly growing portfolio of companies has been nothing short of inspiring. As we launch into 2024, I am excited about the potential for even more groundbreaking successes, building upon the solid foundation laid down in the previous years.

The 2023 REACH Program: A Catalyst for Growth

In 2023, we embarked on a strategic initiative that would define our commitment to propelling innovation within the proptech sector—the 2023 REACH program. More than a simple capital injection, this program was designed to supercharge the growth of eight companies. These weren’t just investments; they were partnerships forged with a shared vision. Our vision to foster innovation within the proptech sector guided the selection of these companies, each with the potential to drive positive change and redefine industry standards.

The 2023 REACH program was designed with a focus on companies that demonstrated exceptional promise and aligned with our mission to drive innovation in the proptech landscape. The selection process involved in-depth analysis and due diligence to identify enterprises poised for significant growth. By providing not just financial support but also mentorship, strategy, events, and exposure, we aimed to create an ecosystem where companies could flourish and exceed their potential. The program became a melting pot of ideas, expertise, and resources, fostering an environment where innovation thrived.

Strategic Support for a Flourishing Portfolio 

Our mission at REACH goes beyond the traditional investor role. Throughout 2023, we remained steadfast in providing unwavering strategic support to our diverse portfolio of 25 companies. Recognising the inherent challenges that come with scaling, international expansion, and key growth initiatives in a rapidly evolving market, we actively collaborated with our portfolio companies. Our goal was not just to address immediate hurdles but to strategize and implement solutions that would foster long-term success. It’s more than financial backing; it’s about being partners in the success stories of each company within our portfolio.

Celebrating Successful Exits and Fund Raises

Among the many gratifying aspects of 2023 were the successful exits of two portfolio companies—Hipla and Homelive. These exits represented the culmination of strategic guidance, mentorship, and support that propelled these companies to positive outcomes. Additionally, we celebrated the remarkable achievement of FutureRent, a 2022 portfolio company, which announced an impressive $50 million raise that we are happy to have supported and participated in.

The successful fundraising of FutureRent, which has launched in the USA as Downpayments, further solidified our position as a catalyst for growth. The accomplishment of our 2022 portfolio company reflects not only the scalability of our portfolio but also the trust and confidence that investors place in the companies we support. This significant raise not only injects capital but also validates the potential and viability of the proptech solutions offered by our portfolio companies.

Expanding the Horizon: Welcoming New Cohorts and Successful Raises

As we step into 2024, the momentum from the previous year propels us forward. Multiple term sheets are currently in the final stages of negotiation with our existing portfolio companies, signalling a continuation of their growth. Additionally, several of our portfolio companies raised additional funds to accelerate their growth among these additions are TAPI, Sensor Global, and Soho, each of whom successfully raised material funds. This infusion of fresh talent and innovative ideas further solidifies our position as a hub for proptech excellence.

It speaks volumes about the market’s recognition of the value these companies bring to the proptech landscape. As we welcome these successful raises, we are not just adding companies to our portfolio but embracing partners who share our dedication to driving innovation and shaping the future of proptech.

Anticipation for 2024: A Year of Innovation and Growth

As we embark on the journey into 2024, I am looking forward to another year of significant growth for REACH Australia & New Zealand and our portfolio companies. We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting our companies and helping them achieve their full potential. The achievements of 2023 stand as a testament to the dedication, resilience, and innovation that define our team and portfolio. Here’s to the journey and achievements that await us in 2024, as we continue to lead the charge in propelling proptech innovation and success.

At REACH Australia, we are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest property technology trends and innovations whether it’s through our comprehensive research efforts or by attending industry events.

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