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Digitising the Conveyancing Process: How Realtime Conveyancer is Making Property Transactions Seamless and Stress-Free

  • 30 Aug

Real estate conveyancing is an essential legal process that facilitates the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. It is a complex, multi-step process that involves multiple parties, such as real estate agents, conveyancers, banks, sellers, buyers, finance brokers, and government bodies. In Australia, this process has been plagued by outdated technology and manual workflows, which have led to poor consumer experiences, reputational damage for real estate agents and conveyancers, and unnecessary expenses for all parties involved. 

However, the tide is finally turning as a new player enters the scene to shake things up. Realtime Conveyancer, a proptech startup and REACH Australia 2023 Cohort launched in 2020, is leading the charge to revolutionise the property conveyancing process through innovative digital solutions. Born out of personal experience and a passion for transforming the real estate conveyancing industry, Realtime Conveyancer is the brainchild of Kylie Dillon, a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the challenges that conveyancers and consumers face. 

According to Kylie, “Our vision is to lead, empower, and connect all parties seamlessly for a breakthrough real-estate conveyancing experience.” With this ambitious goal in mind, she and her team have developed a cutting-edge digital workflow management solution that streamlines the entire conveyancing process from contract to keys. By leveraging innovative digital solutions, Realtime Conveyancer provides a faster, more efficient, and stress-free experience for everyone involved, from buyers and sellers to real estate agents and conveyancers. And with its game-changing technology, Realtime Conveyancer is already making waves in the industry, paving the way for a new era of real estate conveyancing.

A Digital Solution to Revolutionise Conveyancing

Kylie Dillon is no stranger to the conveyancing industry. She has run a large and respected traditional conveyancing business since 2003 and saw firsthand the difficulties that outdated technology and manual workflows posed to conveyancers and consumers alike. “Conveyancers deal with processes that are neither automated nor standardised, requiring manual handoffs and pointless double-entry for many forms,” she explains. “This creates a slow, error-prone, and stressful process for all parties involved, especially conveyancers who carry the burden of any mistakes.

Realtime Conveyancer is designed to remove up to 75% of the low-value, repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks that typically plague the conveyancing process. The platform digitises traditional processes and workflows, enabling conveyancers to handle the many individual steps necessary to complete the settlement. This, and the deep integration with electronic lodgement network operator, PEXA enables conveyancers to reduce settlement time frames, reduce costs an friction points, and deliver the most streamlined, transparent, and stress-free process to property sellers and buyers.

Dillon further explains that Realtime Conveyancer’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to provide conveyancers with the tools to transform their businesses into genuine advisors, where the quality of service is decisive rather than the ability to fill in forms correctly. “Realtime Conveyancer enables conveyancers to access the same types of tools that real estate agents have at the back end – integrated CRM, workflow management, and marketing systems that can transform the conveyancing industry for this exciting new era.”

Realtime Conveyancer’s Vision for a More Connected Industry

With more than 12,000 specialist conveyancing firms Australia-wide and more than half a million residential property transactions annually, Realtime Conveyancer has the potential to become a billion-dollar industry. As Dillon points out, “Realtime Conveyancer provides a software solution that can deliver digital transformation to the conveyancing industry, ensuring that conveyancers can compete in this fast-paced and rapidly evolving market.”

Realtime Conveyancer is a proptech startup that is poised to revolutionise the property conveyancing process in Australia. By providing a digital workflow management solution that streamlines the conveyancing process from contract to keys, Realtime Conveyancer aims to reduce settlement times, reduce costs and friction points, and deliver the most streamlined, transparent, and stress-free process to property sellers and buyers. With a market reputation for innovation and a vision to empower and connect all parties seamlessly, Realtime Conveyancer is set to transform the property conveyancing industry.

REACHing the Peak of Digital Conveyancing with Realtime Conveyancer 

Real Time Conveyancer founder Kylie reasons that being part of the REACH Australia 2023 Program offers the company valuable resources to complete their go-to market across Australia and provide a framework to support global expansion. “Guidance on strategy, revenue-raising, revenue growth, operations, and sales & marketing will be hugely valuable to the company’s immediate and longer-term future,” she said.

She believes that Realtime Conveyancer can add tremendous value to the real estate sector. “Research from NAR in the US reveals buyers are not happy with their property settlement experience. They don’t understand the value of conveyancing, why they should pay for it, or why it takes so long to complete,” Kylie explained.

“We believe Realtime Conveyancer, supported by almost three decades of conveyancing experience, is the perfect candidate for REACH support,” she added. “No one should want conveyancing to be the ‘black-hole laggard’ of the industry because of its inability to digitise work processes, develop more robust security protocols, or encourage legislation or an outside technology that would threaten the integrity of the purchase. The REACH program has proven instrumental in helping real estate agents embrace digital disruption and we believe extending this expertise across to conveyancers has major benefits for the entire property ecosystem.”

For Kylie, success at the end of the program would mean expanding their network, receiving guidance and mentorship on scaling, and getting business advice, both locally and internationally. As for contributing to the success of fellow REACH companies, she said, “We are more than happy to share our experience, network, and high-level data with other companies to help with their product or strategy development.”

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