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Introducing Tapi: The World’s First Property Care Platform

  • 30 Jun

It’s no secret that property management is a high-stress job, but is it that coordinating maintenance and repairs is one of the key drivers of said stress. Tapi, a leading Proptech company, is committed to solving this industry problem.  Founded in 2015 by CEO Tal Meser, he says the cause of the problem is simply that “maintenance sucks. It sucks up property managers’ energy, landlords’ money, tradespeople’s time, and impacts the tenant experience.”

Tapi is making significant strides in the property management industry with its innovative property care platform. Tapi is on a mission to improve the care of every property and to empower property managers to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and deliver superior service to landlords and tenants.

The company’s revolutionary platform simplifies maintenance and invoicing processes by over 50%.  Enabling efficient communication, faster job completion, and enhanced transparency throughout the entire maintenance process, and allowing property managers to focus on value-added tasks.

Tenants can easily report maintenance issues and get answers to their questions by scanning a unique QR code placed within their property. They can access a 24/7 chatbot that provides troubleshooting guidance, reducing tenant communication by over 80% and freeing up time for property managers.

Tapi simplifies the to-do list for property managers by providing a clear overview of all pending tasks and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Coordinating repairs, obtaining quotes, and securing landlord approvals are streamlined within the platform, making it simple to manage maintenance with all stakeholders. Tapi also offers a seamless invoicing process, reducing administrative burdens by up to 95%.

Tapi goes beyond maintenance coordination and offers comprehensive tools to support property managers in maximising property value and care. The Tapi Asset Manager creates an asset register with depreciation schedules, warranty tracking, and appliance manuals, enabling informed decision-making and leveraging warranties. Tapi’s innovations also include the PropertyTab, an embedded buy-now-pay-later solution for maintenance, and Landlords House Insurance, a digitized insurance offering and claims process in partnership with Open Insurance. These offerings all focus on enhancing a property’s care and provide growth solutions for property management agencies.

Tapi’s innovative solutions have transformed the traditional approach to maintenance and repairs, paving the way for a future that genuinely cares for properties.

Led by a high-caliber leadership team, Tapi is poised for continued growth and expansion. Tapi’s leadership team boasts extensive experience in businesses including Amazon Prime, large banks, high-growth startups, and telecom companies. Their wider team is passionate, driven, and dedicated to delivering a product and service that revolutionises the industry and that customers love. Meser himself has been nominated for the New Zealand Hi-tech young achiever award and has a background in tech, having started coding at the age of 6. He now utilizes his experience.

REACHing the Next Level in Property Management with Tapi

Tapi’s commitment to transforming the property management industry has not gone unnoticed. Recently, the company was selected to join the REACH 2023 cohort, a highly selective program aimed at identifying and nurturing the most promising real estate technology companies around the world.

As a member of the cohort, Tapi will have access to a wide range of resources and expertise to help them achieve their goals. This includes guidance from some of the top minds in the real estate and technology industries, as well as exposure to potential investors, partners, and customers.

Tapi’s platform has rapidly become a game-changer in the industry, serving over 500,000 end-users across Australia and New Zealand.  With over $17 million worth of maintenance work flowing through its platform each month, Tapi has facilitated over 1.1 million jobs through an extensive end-user network of 92,000 skilled tradespeople. 

At the core of Tapi’s success lies its commitment to innovation and customer experience. Notably, Tapi’s commitment to excellence has garnered recognition in the industry. The company was named a finalist in the prestigious Australian Proptech Awards 2023, highlighting its innovative approach and customer achievements. 

Tapi has ambitious plans for expansion. “We will continue delivering a product that is years ahead and scaling to properties worldwide. We firmly believe that Tapi can have a significant impact on the industry and improve the way properties are cared for.” Meser says. With the support of the REACH 2023 program, Tapi is poised for even greater success in the years ahead.

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