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The Rise of the Offer Management Platforms and Why Your Real Estate Business Needs It

  • 17 Jan

As a real estate agent, you’re most likely handling many customers at once, scouting for new leads, and attempting to keep your meetings and paperwork structured. However, real estate agents must be able to respond to new possibilities swiftly, carefully, and strategically since they operate in an industry where scale and speed are key. Sadly, conventional means of communication, including phone calls, spreadsheets, and written correspondence, rarely provide the knowledge investors want to make quick, data-driven investment choices.

The hassle of the whole offer process can be solved with a real estate offer management system that allows you to arrange the offers, compare and manage various offers, and reply to everyone within one platform. It also allows you to deliver and receive offers to properties you are managing in real-time. In contrast to a CRM tool, which is intended to manage leads who haven’t yet turned into clients and clients who you’ve previously helped buy or sell a property, an offer management platform is designed to handle the period between when the first offer was made up until the closing stage. 

In this blog, we will go into further detail about offer management and how it may improve and transform how you manage your real estate businesses, particularly given how cutthroat the industry is becoming.

Benefits of Using Real Estate Offer Management Platforms

According to research, real estate companies that utilize digital offer management systems can close deals up to 20% faster than those that rely on traditional methods. Additionally, a staggering 70% of real estate professionals reported that using digital offer management software helped them increase their sales and revenue. These statistics demonstrate the potential of offer management platforms to streamline processes and drive business success. Let’s explore these features to understand how they contribute to the platform’s benefits.

Increased Transparency Between Sellers, Buyers, and Agents

One of the most valuable aspects of an offer management platform is that it fosters better transparency between sellers, buyers, and agents. Honest, transparent communication is essential for building strong relationships with customers. The largest frustration for buyers is not being informed of the status of an offer or of what is occurring, especially when there are numerous parties participating in a single listing. There always appears to be a chance that someone may miss a critical update. An offer management platform enables buyers and sellesr to know exactly how many interested parties there are and how much each is willing to offer. By informing you when an offer is successfully sent, evaluated by the listing agent, and presented to the sellers, offer management platforms keep everyone informed. Neither constant calls nor messages are required, because everyone can access and track the progress of each listing on the platform.

Streamline the Offer Process for Both Agents and Buyers

Every agent’s top priority should be maintaining control over the sale. Utilizing an offer management software eliminates the time-consuming, sometimes complex manual procedures that add unneeded stress and unnecessary work to your schedule while providing quick and simple answers that matter. Moreover, real estate transactions sometimes involve multiple offers, particularly in areas with little availability and high demand. Without a means to organize these offers, real estate agents are forced to make decisions by sifting through emails, spreadsheets, and compiling their own materials. Even so, agents must manually send emails to each of those parties separately. Offer management platforms enable sellers and brokers to quickly evaluate all offers and send mass announcements to all potential buyers, including the best and most competitive bids. With the growing competition in the market, real estate agents and home sellers are increasingly using offer management systems, which historically have primarily been utilized by large real estate companies to assist manage their real estate listings. 

Integrate Documents and Offers in a Centralized Platform

Building operational efficiencies using real estate offer management platforms streamlines this process in a number of significant ways. Ticking hundreds of items off your checklist as deals advance throughout the lifecycle is taxing, detail-oriented labor. However, important process stages may be delayed when information and documents are located in different sources or platforms and can only be accessed by certain people. With the use of a real estate offer management platform, all transaction details, documents, and files are centralized in one command center. Real estate agents may add notes to transactions as they develop by leaving notes, which may be useful later. As a result, everyone inside the business has easy access to the most recent information and will be able to easily access all documents and information specific to an offer or client.

Boost Agent’s Communication Game 

Being a buyer’s agent means you’ll probably be working with numerous buyers at once, and in a competitive market, you’ll probably need to prepare several bids for each client. That takes a lot of time. In addition, you must juggle it all with site visits and the other tasks you must complete to keep your business operating well. This is where communication becomes a challenge. An offer management platform is designed to handle the in-between when you’re dealing with clients during the offer and house purchase process. One of the advantages of having this platform is the ability to keep both you and your clients informed on the status of your deals in real time. It increases transparency for all parties participating in the offer process. By notifying you when an offer is successfully sent, examined by the listing agent, and presented to the sellers, offer management software keeps everyone in the loop. When you are able to communicate well with your clients, it is more likely that they’ll be satisfied with your services and go back to you for future transactions. And we definitely agree that loyal customers are the most valuable. Offer management platform offers a unique advantage—targeting clients with unique and exclusive deals to make them come back every time.

Target Offers to Specific Customer Profiles

One of the benefits of offer management platforms in the real estate industry is the ability to target offers to specific customer profiles. This can be particularly useful for real estate agents and brokers who want to tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups of customers. For instance, an agent may want to target first-time home buyers with information about low down payment mortgage options, or a broker may want to target luxury home buyers with information about high-end properties. By using an offer management platform, agents and brokers can create targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to be successful in reaching their intended audience and converting leads into sales. Additionally, these platforms can help real estate professionals track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions about how to allocate their resources.

The Bottomline

A real estate agent spends a significant amount of time on the offer process in addition to presenting properties to clients. The incessant back and forth across multiple offers and clients may also cause the offer process to typically take longer than expected. An offer management system can assist improve how repetitive and demanding it is. By automating your real estate offer process, you may save time on laborious activities and devote more of it to developing your business. Offer management platforms give real estate professionals the chance to identify and deliver all of the market knowledge required to advance offers. Doing so will allow your company to allocate cash effectively to the transactions with the best potential. The use of an offer management software results in less paperwork and increased efficiency. 

Although there isn’t a right or wrong method to manage the offer process, there is always a more efficient approach. The correct offer management solution will work wonders to simplify your job and increase customer satisfaction. However, it is crucial to take your company’s needs into account while selecting an offer management platform. Companies may easily design and manage the offer process with the use of offer management solutions. When selecting one, there are a number of things to take into account, including the design, price, usability, and features. Here are a few recommendations from REACH Australia that can help you get started.

Openn: The Future of Real Estate Transactions is Transparent

Part of REACH Australia’s Class of 2021, Openn is an Australian property technology company offering a proprietary cloud-based software platform to support real estate agents in selling property online with greater transparency. The Openn platform facilitates a negotiation process, featuring streamlined digital contracting and automated communication tools, which enhances a property transaction. The solution provides buyers with real-time feedback through their device on how much competition exists and where their price stands in the negotiation, resulting in an optimal sales outcome.

Market Buy: Real-time Communication and Transparency for Offers

Market Buy, another Australian company set to join REACH Australia’s 2023 Cohort Program, is an online offer management platform designed to solve many of the most frustrating problems that real estate agents face. It is an online offer management platform that assists agents in facilitating offers for the sale of private properties. By creating a more open and competitive atmosphere for all purchasers in this context, agents are also able to decrease the amount of documentation that must be submitted with each offer, even when there are several interested parties. Since 2016, it has addressed core issues around trust, transparency, and communication and has been a valuable tool in the arsenal of real estate agents across Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. 

At REACH Australia, we are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest property technology trends and innovations whether it’s through our comprehensive research efforts or by attending industry events.

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