Andrew Tait

Group Executive - Marketing & Growth at REI Super l Melbourne

Andrew is an experienced executive with a track record of 28 years in financial services of transforming businesses to achieve their full potential by developing strategies, large teams and capabilities that maximise growth and efficiencies, and drive excellent outcomes for customers. Andrew holds a B.Ec, B.A., MBA (Exec) and CPA.

Antonia Mercorella

CEO at REIQ l Brisban

Antonia Mercorella is the CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). As the REIQ’s first female CEO, as well as its youngest, Antonia has transformed the 100-year-old Institute into one of the most progressive and high profile real estate industry organisations in Australia.

In 2017, Antonia launched REIQ’s REAL TECH, a premier event dedicated to promoting and showcasing technology and innovation in the property sector.

In 2018, Antonia was recognised by the Courier Mail as one of Queensland’s top ten most influential people in the real estate sector. She can be regularly seen and heard on TV, radio and print media throughout Queensland and Australia, commenting on the property market.

Antonia's educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Educational Theatre and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours).

Ari Ginsburg

FinTech and InsurTech Consultant and Advisor l Sydne

Ari is a financial services executive with comprehensive startup, FinTech, and traditional insurance experience. He helps companies build, structure, and grow new products. He partners with colleagues and clients to develop, implement and execute insurance, real estate, and payments solutions.

Ashleigh Goodchild

Business owner at Soco Realty | Greater Perth Area

With 23 years in property management, Ashleigh Goodchild excels as a specialist in investor buying and education. Her support for first-time and sustainable investing is unparalleled. Her insights have yielded remarkable ROI, making her an investor's go-to. Beyond transactions, Ashleigh is a dedicated educator, empowering newcomers. Her advocacy for sustainable investing showcases forward thinking.

Ashleigh's client-centric approach emphasises tailored strategies and ethical practices. Her legacy is cemented by a two-decade reputation for excellence.

Ashley Farrugia

CEO at ActivePipe (sold to MoxiWorks), Chief Product Officer at MoxiWorks l Melbourne

Ash began his career as a motor mechanic and converted an LP gas fitting business into a national franchise. He was the co-founder and CEO of ActivePipe a marketing and sales automation platform for real estate, which was subsequently acquired in 2022 by MoxiWorks.

ActivePipe saw significant traction in the ANZ and USA markets. Ash attributes his success to taking risks, making decisions quickly and having faith in the people he employs. When he isn’t busy building a global company, Ash enjoys fishing, camping and flying aeroplanes.

Bill Lublin

CEO at Century 21 Advantage Gold l United States

Bill Lublin may be the most recognised face in the real estate industry. This is because he is the broker and owner of one of the biggest C21 franchises in the nation, and he has dedicated his professional career to serving on various NAR committees and MLS boards. He’s built a thriving business by focusing on what matters most: trust, service, and value.

Through spending time with Bill, it becomes evident that he has an unwavering commitment to various aspects of the industry. He is deeply invested in the success of the agents in his brokerage, the industry as a whole, and the relationships he has nurtured over many years. Moreover, he cares deeply about the consumer experience and helping people through their time of transition.

Bill Risser

Executive Vice President - Strategic Partnerships at RateMyAgent USA l United States

Bill Risser is a preeminent figure in the realm of real estate, renowned for his award-winning podcast, "The Real Estate Sessions." Through this platform, he has had the privilege of interviewing and forming connections with numerous prominent figures and influencers in the industry. However, Bill recognises that these interactions are simply the starting point in a commitment to cultivating and nurturing relationships for years to come, which has led to the formation of a vast and loyal network.

Bill takes his reputation and standing in the industry with the utmost gravity, and possesses a deep understanding of his unique abilities and how they can assist others in achieving success. Furthermore, his interest in the concept of being undisruptable led him to join the RateMyAgent team, where he helps agents and brokers to effectively leverage their reviews to generate positive digital word-of-mouth buzz.

Cecille Weldon

Founder and Director at WeldonCo Advisory l Sydney

Cecille Weldon a pioneer in Sustainable Real Estate. She is a leading figure in Australia's residential property industry, specialising in sustainability.

As Founder of WeldonCo Advisory and Future Agent Academy, she empowers real estate professionals with sustainability training. Cecille's initiatives, like the Banksia Award-winning Liveability Real Estate Framework, drive positive change. Her Proptech solution, acquired by CSIRO, showcases her innovative approach. Beyond entrepreneurship, Cecille serves as a Board Member for the Proptech Association of Australia and advises on sustainability initiatives.

Passionate about education, she develops training courses for real estate agents, focusing on energy efficiency. With her dedication and expertise, Cecille is shaping a more sustainable future for the industry.

Craig Rowe

Journalist/Consultant at The Copy and Content Group l Truckee

Craig Rowe's career is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of journalism, copywriting, and adventure. With a knack for storytelling and a flair for crafting captivating copy, Craig serves a diverse clientele, from real estate agents seeking standout listings to families planning Sierra Nevada backpacking trips.

His unconventional approach and dedication to client satisfaction set him apart in an ever-evolving landscape. Embracing versatility and individuality, Craig's journey exemplifies the power of forging one's own path to success.

Daniel Portelli

Strategic Advisor at Futurerent l Victoria

Daniel Portelli is a seasoned and accomplished Co-Founder and Entrepreneur, with a keen passion for the real estate industry and a focus on workflow efficiencies. He possesses extensive networks and is highly skilled in the areas of Product Development and Management, Construction, and Contract Negotiation. His breadth of experience and expertise in these areas makes him a valuable asset to any organisation and a respected figure in the industry.

Darren Clark

Founder at Dazlab l New South Wales

Darren is the founder of Dazlab, a digital product builder and SaaS development expert. He has been building and improving products for over 25 years, including his own startup. He has a great deal of passion for analysing and using technology to solve business problems.

Darren believes that there is a better way to build digital products and he's willing to show you how it works. His extensive experience building companies and his passion for helping others create their own businesses give him unique insight into what it takes to take an idea and turn it into a fully formed digital product. It’s a rush but also an opportunity to learn new skills—and Dazlab was created as a result of that inspiration.

Ellis Taylor

Head of Partnerships at Real Time Australia l Sydney

As a FinTech team builder, Startup co-founder, Partnership creator & leading voice in the Scaleup ecosystem, Ellis offers a unique collection of experiences, insights and results that help my amazing next-generation clients scale.

Bringing these skills to Real Time Australia, the most trusted Tech Resourcing Innovators in the country, he has been able to merge his experiences growing the most successful Startup stories in Australia’s history with a completely revolutionary way of recruiting.

From examining your organisational structure, redefining your job design, throwing those job descriptions out the window and rejuvenating your interview processes he can create a story with you that solves your recruitment challenges.

Why has he done this? Because he also knows how hard it is to attract, hire and retain good talent from multiple personal and professional experiences. These experiences formed the way he partners with his clients now... with trust, transparency and humility. They also led him to create something he was always after: a Data-led and Human considered recruitment approach built on precise market insight.

Hermione Gardiner

Founder of Sidekick | New South Wales

Hermione Gardiner, founder of Sidekick Coaching and Consulting, is a seasoned real estate expert offering a unique blend of experience and innovative business coaching. With a diverse background spanning property management, property tech leadership, and education, Hermione pioneers transformative change in the industry. At Sidekick, she focuses on relieving stress and empowering professionals, particularly mentoring startup software businesses in the real estate sector. Hermione's results-oriented approach combines practical skills, strategic thinking, and mindset shifts, making her a master strategist for businesses navigating the challenges of the real estate tech landscape. As a mentor, she brings valuable expertise in optimising processes, empowering teams, and defining clear growth trajectories for startups in the real estate industry.

Jamie Colt

Sr. Account Executive, ONE Marketplace at Realty ONE Group l Colorado

Jamie Colt, formerly the Senior Account Executive at Realty ONE Group International, played a pivotal role in onboarding and managing national partners. His exceptional leadership skills were evident as he spearheaded BoxBrownie's initiatives and growth strategies amid the challenges posed by the pandemic era and closed borders.

In his prior position as Strategic Relationship Manager, Jamie held the responsibility of overseeing the growth and management of global partnerships. Notably, he served as the lead US representative for speaking engagements, presentations, and national events. His proficiency in relationship building and business development has resulted in an impressive track record of accomplishments. Before joining BoxBrownie, Jamie made significant contributions at RE/MAX LLC., where he was in charge of the Approved Supplier program and the onboarding of national partners.

Passionate about aiding companies in achieving their goals, Jamie consistently seeks innovative approaches to drive progress and expansion. With his strong leadership acumen, strategic mindset, and adeptness at fostering relationships, he proves to be an invaluable asset to any organisation.

Jon Ballantyne

APAC Recruitment Specialist at LMRE l United Kingdom

Jon Ballantyne is an APAC Recruitment Specialist with a deep passion for connecting top-tier talent with groundbreaking opportunities in the Built World Environment. Jon has become a driving force behind companies' successful expansions into new markets within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Her expertise lies in crafting and executing early-stage hiring plans, facilitating seamless entry into uncharted territories, and building dynamic, culturally diverse teams.

Prior to recruitment, Jon has over a decade of management experience across hospitality and telecommunications, he's built teams in the UK, South Africa and the Philippines.

Julie Davis

Team Alignment Coach at Team Dynamics l Gold Coast

Having been in the ‘People Industry’ since 1980 and as a practitioner, coach, and trainer since 1995, Julie is an expert at building relationships, connecting people, being intuitive, and inspiring others to be their best.

As a Coach, Julie brings warmth, energy, and inspiration, which lights up the path for others so they may strive for personal excellence and team success.

Julie’s passion is driven by seeing people ‘in flow’- helping team members show up, contribute their best and feel like an integral part of their team.

This is facilitated through the Contribution Compass personal development and performance platform which has been specifically designed to help align values, amplify talent and activate contribution.

Julie is an Accredited Performance Consultant, Master NLP Practitioner, and Coach.

Koby Jones

Founder & Group Managing Director at The SILC Group l Melbourne

Koby Jones is the Founder and Managing Director of The SILC Group, overseeing all aspects of operations, from management to business development and strategic initiatives. With extensive experience in global financial markets and private wealth management, gained from roles with major Australian institutions like WBC, ANZ, and NAB, Koby specialises in alternative investments, portfolio management, and advisory services.

As a Holder, Responsible Manager, and Key Person of Australian Financial Services Licences (AFSLs), Koby brings expertise in compliance and regulatory matters, ensuring excellence and innovation in all endeavors.

Kylie Davis

Founder & President at Proptech Association Australia l Melbourne

Kylie Davis is a leading commentator and speaker on proptech and innovation in real estate in Australia. She is the founder of the Proptech Association of Australia and has successfully established and sold two startups. Her most recent ventures have been HomePrezzo and Real Content which were acquired by ActivePipe in July 2020.

Kylie has an MBA from the University of NSW and a 25-year career across media and big data, holding senior editorial and marketing roles at Fairfax, News Corp and CoreLogic. Kylie is an advisor on advisory boards including Cribz, Property Investment Professionals Australia and consults to the Real Estate Institute of NSW and OpenAgent. She was a finalist in the thought leadership category of the 2019 REB Women in Real Estate Awards.

Lauren Clemett

Managing Director at The Audacious Agency l Queensland

Lauren Clemett is a Brand Navigator with a background in advertising, brand management, and Neurobranding. Over the span of 30 years, she has contributed to the launch of international brands and authored multiple books. She currently serves as the Keynote Speaker and Brand Navigator at Your Brand True North. Additionally, she co-founded The Audacious Agency, focusing on helping entrepreneurs gain recognition through awards. She is also a Founding Partner of the Award Winning Accelerator Program, aimed at enhancing business profiles. Past roles include Brand & Marketing Director at Montavi and Owner & Director of Personal Branding Specialist at Ultimate Business Propellor.

Clemett's extensive experience and involvement in various aspects of branding and business development mark her as a notable figure in her field. Her expertise contributes to her impact on brands and entrepreneurs seeking to gain recognition and enhance their presence.

Leanne Pilkington

CEO & Managing Partner at Laing+Simmons l Sydney

Leanne Pilkington is Managing Director of leading boutique real estate group Laing+Simmons and President of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. She is one of the real estate industry's most respected and sought after commentators. She is one of only a handful of women leading franchise organisations across the country. Addressing the gender imbalance, empowering women agents, developing a Male Champions for Change program suitable for small businesses and leading the push towards industry-wide professionalism are all key passions for Leanne.

Over the course of her career, Leanne has pioneered many industry firsts. She established the Real Women in Real Estate (RWIRE) networking group, which is now an international initiative, and introduced counselling and employee assistance programs for Laing+Simmons team members. She has consistently served on industry bodies and championed the growth of professionalism in the industry at large. Her 35 years of experience covers the full spectrum of real estate services: residential sales, property management, retail management, commercial leasing, property development and franchise management. Leanne is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, completed her Ass. Dip. Valuation at UTS and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the Sydney Graduate School of Management.

She has been a finalist in both the Telstra and Optus Business Women awards and has won the AREA Award for Most Influential Woman in Property. She was awarded the REB Industry Thought Leader of the Year Award in 2017, was a finalist in 2018 and 2019, and was the REB Association Professional of the Year in 2019. Additionally, Leanne was awarded the REB Womens Community Program Award in 2019 (for RWIRE) and the overall REB Excellence Award in 2019. She was also recognised in The Sydney Power 100, The Daily Telegraph’s list of Sydney’s most influential people.

Louise Monger

Vice President Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric l Sydney

Louise has over 20 years of experience in technical and leadership roles across a range of sectors and disciplines, including real estate, facilities management, and working as an electrician in the mining industry. This diverse experience underpins her passion for how people and technology can shape real estate experiences and improve the world we live in.

Louise joined Schneider Electric in November 2020, as the Vice President Digital Buildings, Australia. Prior to that Louise was at AMP Capital, where she was most recently the Program Director for Technology and Innovation, ensuring the delivery of client and business value from technology investment and leading real estate's digital and innovation team. Prior to that, Louise was the Head of Property Management, accountable for the overall property management performance of the AMP Capital Office & Logistics portfolio.

Louise holds a Master’s of Facilities Management and remains a qualified electrician.

Martin Dalgleish

Portfolio Manager, Real Estate at Australian Retirement Trust (ART) l Sydney

Experienced Company Director, venture capitalist and investor in the technology and disruption field. 

Currently an Investment Partner in a US Venture Fund (Morpheus Ventures), Director and Partner in an Australian Technology Accelerator (Asia Principal Capital), Non-Executive Independent Director for KPMG Australia, Chairman of ActivePipe (a 2018 REACH graduate), Chairman of the Hometime Group, and Director of Ratesetter Australia. 

Previously has held various Chairman and Managing Director roles. Martin's executive career extends over thirty years in technology, consumer, telco and media with leading brands including PBL, Optus, Dixons, Rank, PepsiCo, and IBM. He held Non-Executive Director and Alternate-Director roles within many of Australia's leading media and online brands, including PBL Media, FOXTEL, Mediaworks (NZ), Fox Sports, Hoyts, Ticketek, SEEK, Carsales, NineMSN, Betfair, Sky News, and iSelect. 

Specialties: NED, Governance, Strategy, Media, Technology, Marketing

B.Bus (WA), MBA (Cranfield UK), GAICD

Mike Mortlock

Managing Director at MCG Quantity Surveyors l Newcastle

Mike Mortlock, a distinguished leader in tax depreciation, co-founded MCG Quantity Surveyors with Marty Sadlier. Their journey from humble beginnings in 2011 to being featured in the AFR's Fast 100 in 2018 demonstrates their significant impact on the industry. As a seasoned consultant, Mike has worked with top-tier firms like McDonald's, Stockland, and Hilton Hotels, delivering comprehensive depreciation schedules across various property types. His expertise has also led him to be a vital member of the advisory board for the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, shaping industry standards.

Recognised as a top 50 thought leader by Elite Agent Magazine, Mike's insights on investment trends, including remote investing and market dynamics, have made him a respected voice in real estate. He hosts the Geared for Growth Property Investing Podcast and co-hosts the Property Trio podcast, emphasising his dedication to investor education.

Mike's contributions extend to regular appearances on TV and in publications like the Australian Financial Review and Elite Agent, where he shares his passion for maximising client benefits through tax depreciation. As a board member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), he advocates for the interests of investment professionals and investors, underscoring his commitment to the real estate sector.

Nathan Krisanski

Director at KNIC Ventures l Queensland

Nathan Krisanski is an entrepreneur, data geek, father, and gardener. His professional career over the past two decades has spanned Med-tech and Prop-tech, including roles such as Senior Data Analyst at Ray White, handling Data Visualisation & Product responsibilities at CoreLogic, founding a startup called HomePrezzo, contributing to Product development at ActivePipe, and currently serving as the Founder and Strategic Consultant at KNIC Ventures.

Mr. Krisanski operates in the unique space between business and tech, with a strong understanding of both facets to construct and scale SAAS businesses. KNIC Ventures stands as a development, data, and strategic consulting firm, aiding real estate groups and property technology startups in embracing innovation through managed offshore development teams. It also provides a marketplace of pre-built integrations and projects, which are ready to use and customisable to meet specific needs.

Neville Pozzi

CEO at REIWA l Perth

Has been involved in the real estate industry for over 40 years through employment with the Real Estate Institute of WA.

Has seen significant changes in real estate practice and the emergence of technology replacing traditional real estate practices.

REIWA is an earlier adopter of technology and has a number of online services to provide the tools and resources for members to effectively operate in this new environment.

Paula Guino

Senior Global Engagement Manager for Tech Scaleups at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) l Brisbane

15 years experience as a global entrepreneur, 8 years as an SME and tech startup business advisor in a variety of sectors. Currently helping fast-track high-growth tech businesses with global aspirations in the Deeptech, Cleantech, Medtech, Fintech, Agritech, Foodtech space and more. Significant experience defining and executing the vision and strategic plans that will transform ideas into fully operational digital businesses. Comprehensive skills in coordinating cross-functional teams across geographies. BA in Social Communication, MBA in Business Management, MSc in Strategic Marketing.

Peter Brewer

Board Chair at REIQ l Brisbane

After 40 years as a high-performing professional business person in the property industry, 10 years as Board Chairman of one of Queensland’s largest real estate marketing companies, and current Chairman of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Peter Brewer has transitioned his professional career to now being one of Australia’s most respected digital media strategists for small business, licensed clubs and the real estate industry.

Peter understands digital media. He knows what works and what doesn’t. As a veteran Ambassador for the USA Based Inman News Organisation, Peter is renowned as one of the most influential and authoritative people in today’s online marketing world.

He’s an REA endorsed Coach, as well as Master of Ceremony to the 2020 Digital Live program, RE-Edge Conference, and REIQ Summit.

Retained by some of Australia, New Zealand and the United States’ largest real estate companies and associations, Peter shares cutting-edge insights and his sometimes-controversial views on what is ‘the next big thing’ in digital marketing. He’s unfiltered, he’s passionate and he’s a REACH Mentor 2022

Peter Cameron

CEO of the Avalanche Technology Group l Melbourne

Peter Cameron boasts over 30 years of entrepreneurial success, introducing and driving the growth of technology products in Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ). Notably, as owner of the AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Security business from 2004 to 2012, he led the company to remarkable achievements, including multiple BRW Fast Business Awards and recognition from Deloitte. Under his leadership, AVG became the top consumer security product in Australia, with a 25% market share.

Peter now serves as CEO of the Avalanche Technology Group and actively invests in early-stage businesses, leaving a lasting impact on the A/NZ technology sector.

Peter Matthews

CEO at Realtair & President REINSW l New South Wales

Peter Matthews is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. He began his career in 1991 at the age of 19, listing and selling real estate in Sydney.

Throughout his career, he has held a variety of roles, including that of an associate and trainer, COO of Ray White NSW, and Senior Associate in Ray White New Zealand. He has also led and owned three franchise offices in Sydney, managing 55 staff and more recently in Mosman, Neutral Bay, and Crows Nest. Additionally, he has served as General Manager for Real Estate Services for Fairfax Digital, and the General Manager of APM, a Fairfax company, managing over 90 staff and responsible for key acquisitions within Fairfax Digital.

A natural auctioneer, Peter began calling auctions at the age of 22 and has amassed over 25,000 auctions across Australia and New Zealand. His energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and meticulous preparation have led the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales to name him the state's number 1 auctioneer.

Phillip Ransom

Managing Director at Distillery Capital Pty Ltd l Sydney

Phillip Ransom is a highly credentialed real estate investment and transactional professional with a diverse range of skills and experience having worked in both Australia and the UK. During his career Phillip has focussed on all the institutional grade real estate sectors across the risk return spectrum.

Phillip has a degree in property economics and an associate diploma of business (Marketing) and currently holds a real estate licence in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

Quentin Kilian

CEO at REIV l Melbourne

Quentin is an experienced real estate professional having been CEO of REINT and now moving to Melbourne to head up REIV.

Following his school years, Quentin commenced his radio announcing career as the Midnight to Dawn announcer at Radio 8DN in Darwin, then went on to announcing roles in Toowoomba, Launceston, the Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and a stint as the Breakfast Announcer with 5AA in Adelaide.

In 1991 Quentin re-married and moved to Hong Kong where he worked as Promotions Director for satellite broadcaster Star TV, with daily coverage of 220 million households, and Secretary-General of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AustCham). He also spent a year living in Singapore where he was General Manager of the Vision Four Television Network.

On returning to Australia, Quentin took up the role of Regional Regulatory Manager with the US-based satellite operator PanAmSat where he had coverage of some 43 countries across the Asia Pacific region, then spent over 6 years in senior roles with the Northern Territory Government including as Director International Trade and Asian Relations.

Sam Almaliki

Founder and Chairperson at Settle Easy l Melbourne

Sam Almaliki is a strategic business leader and expert advisor with a diverse skill set spanning multiple industries. As Co-Founder of Settle Easy and Head of Commercial at Acusensus, he has driven growth and secured substantial revenue. Passionate about startup success, Sam facilitates the Regional Angel Investor Network and leads Almaliki & Co.

Prior to his business ventures, Sam held leadership roles at Cricket Australia and contributed to the ABC and SBS advisory committees. He currently chairs the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust and serves as Treasurer of the John Curtin Research Centre.

Born in Iraq and arriving in Australia as a refugee, Sam's journey embodies resilience and determination. Through his leadership and advocacy, he continues to make a positive impact on society.

Sarah Cincotta

BDM Mentor at RISE with Sarah Cincotta | Greater Melbourne Area

As an award-winning Business Development Manager in the property management sector, Sarah Cincotta has had the privilege of accumulating years of invaluable experience. She genuinely comprehends the unique challenges and exciting opportunities that accompany the Property Management Industry.

While it can be an extremely rewarding experience, Sarah recognises that it also requires expert nurturing and guidance along the way. From setting goals to keeping tabs on progress, she is dedicated to ensuring BDMs stay on track and experience continuous growth in their essential role within real estate.

What Sarah loves is the cultivation of a community of BDMs who genuinely care about delivering incredible service to their clients and sustaining impressive growth within the business. Her passion lies in seeing these professionals thrive with new skills and enthusiasm.

Scott Osheroff

Chief Investment Officer AFC Uzbekistan Fund at Asia Frontier Capital l Singapore

Scott Osheroff, CIO (AFC Uzbekistan Fund), holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance from Northeastern University. Prior to joining Asia Frontier Capital, Scott worked with a New Zealand based private equity outfit where he sourced private equity deal flow in Asian frontier markets and co-founded a publishing company focused on providing financial news coverage in frontier markets. He has spent the last eight years living in Asian Frontier markets and currently resides between Yangon, Myanmar and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Sherrie Storor

CEO at Real Estate Nation Co Pty Ltd l Brisbane

Sherrie’s coaching clients regularly finish the financial year having achieved record breaking sales, often doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their income. Her clients are regularly recognised within their agencies, franchises and within the industry for their achievements.

With two decades of extraordinary real estate career milestones under her belt, Sherrie is here to disrupt the industry and get agents operating in a way that works for them, building their best lives.

Simon Chen

EVP - Product & Innovation at Realogy l USA

Simon started his own real estate company when the DotCom bubble first burst. He has more than 26 years of experience in the residential real estate market. 

Prior to joining Realogy, Simon was an Investment Banker and VC in his role as Managing Partner at Century Pacific Group for 15 years.

Tara L. Christianson

Digital Strategist at REA Group l Brisbane

Tara is REA’s digital strategist with first-hand knowledge of the power of the online world in real estate. A world-renowned speaker with a background in real estate, Tara regularly presents at industry events on technology trends, online content and digital strategies. She also works with individual businesses to ensure that they are utilising technology to their best advantage. Tara's passions lie in enhancing the efficacy of online profiles, offering ways to create and continue relationships online, and empowering real estate agents and agencies with the tools they need to succeed in their businesses.

Taylor Somera

Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Success at Realty ONE Group | California

As the head of partnerships for Realty ONE Group, the fastest growing franchise in real estate, Taylor Somera is part of an emerging generation of young professional leaders destined to drive the future of the real estate industry. With deep knowledge of new technology trends, she is responsible for identifying innovative solutions for the business. Highly articulate and insightful, she leads with passion and purpose to educate the industry to adopt technology solutions. Taylor is a refreshing spokesperson of clarity and reason highly valued in real estate circles.

Most recently, she spearheaded the launch of Realty ONE Group's luxury brand, ONE LUXE, opening the door for real estate agents to grow their business with high-end marketing and better connect with their consumers. Prior to her current position at Realty ONE Group, Taylor managed strategic alliances at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and obtained an MBA from Champan University. When not attending webinars or industry conferences, you can find Taylor with her fiance playing softball, golf, snowboarding, or just about anything that includes her beloved dogs.

Tim McKibbin

Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Success at Realty ONE Group | California

Tim McKibbin was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) in 2008, following his tenure as REINSW Legal Counsel from 2004. He brings a wealth of experience to his role, having previously served as a Partner of a multi-disciplinary accounting and law firm, where he specialised in property and taxation matters. As a solicitor, accountant, and former registered tax agent, he is able to bring a unique and valuable perspective to his role and to the industry as a whole.

Tim is deeply passionate about REINSW and the real estate industry, and is committed to ensuring that REINSW provides the solutions that agents need to deliver high-quality services to their clients, and operate a profitable business. REINSW is the leading provider of education and training to real estate agents throughout New South Wales, and under his leadership, the organisation has continued to provide valuable resources and support to members of the industry.

Todd Carpenter

Director at NAR | United States

At the National Association of REALTORS®, Todd Carpenter has played a vital role in leading the organisation and its over one million members through the rapidly evolving technological landscape of the real estate industry. Since joining NAR in 2009, he has been instrumental in shaping the organisation's social media communications strategy and promoting the adoption of social media within the industry. In 2013, he established NAR's first data analytics group, where his team collected and analysed member interaction data to inform the organisation's decision-making process.

More recently, he was instrumental in the growth of the Second Century Ventures and REACH team, expanding it from five staff in one market to over twenty in five markets. He specialises in creating strategic introductions and mentoring opportunities for startups in the accelerator program, providing valuable support to emerging companies in the industry. His expertise and leadership skills have been essential in helping the organisation provide valuable resources and support to its members.

Tracy Le

General Manager, Commercial, Product & Research at PEXA l Melbourne

Tracy has over 15 years of experience advising and investing in growth companies across the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Vietnam and the Pacific Islands. Having worked in investment banking, private equity and principal investments, Tracy has worked with companies across a broad range of sectors from financial services, and mining to technology. 

Tracy is currently General Manager for Commercial, Product & Research at PEXA, Australia’s largest private PropTech company where she focuses on generating new opportunities for growth through new ventures, partnerships and M&A.

Vicky Lay

Managing Director at Artesian Capital Management | United States

Vicky Lay is an entrepreneur with a passion for business and social impact. Formerly at Zookal, she now focuses on directing capital towards positive outcomes at Artesian and SheSyndicate.

Vicky mentors founders, coaches CEOs, and advocates for diversity and climate action. As a young, Asian, female founder turned VC, she challenges norms and strives to empower others to change the world.

Her mission: to foster youth leadership, increase women-led startups, and unlock human potential for a better tomorrow.

Wayne Mo

CEO at AL Capital l Sydney

Wayne is CEO of AL Capital. He has more than 24 years of global experience in international banking, structured finance, and M&A. 

Prior to joining AL Capital, Wayne held senior executive roles with ANZ for 15 years and was Chief Investment Officer of Hong Kong-listed Everchina International Holdings. 

Wayne is a graduate member of the Australia Institute of Company Directors and holds an MBA from Webster University (USA) and a Bachelor of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). 

He is currently a non-executive director of McGrath Estate Agent (ASX: MEA) and Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. Wayne was previously a Board Director of Australia China Chamber of Commerce (Beijing) from 2006 to 2008 and was a non-executive director of Fiagril Ltd and Becagricola, two leading Brazilian Agriculture Companies.

Wes Womack

Sr Director, Strategic Partnerships at DocuSign, Inc. | United States

Wes has worked in the Real Estate technology space for over 12 years in positions covering business development, product operations, growth strategy and general management. He has experience in scaling Saas technology businesses, including recent work at DocuSign, and previously in consumer portals/search, online advertising, and real estate tech.

He has experience working with businesses from startup through NASDAQ 100, and has successfully developed new lines of business, partner networks, new products, and go-to-market strategies, particularly at growth-stage companies. Wes currently lives in the San Francisco bay area with his wife and two daughters.

Warren Tate

Managing Director at Warrentate l Melbourne

Warren Tate is a renowned expert in communication, specialising in crafting impactful presentations for Fortune 500 executives, founders, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Inspired by the world's greatest speeches and communicators, Warren emphasises the transformative power of effective communication, which he calls the "Alchemy of Communication." With over 1,600 training sessions and workshops under his belt, Warren has tripled the size of a Melbourne-based real estate company as CEO and Franchise Director.

As the author of the best-selling book "I GET YOU: Communication Can Change Your Destination," Warren shares powerful insights into the science behind effective communication. Certified as a Speaking Coach, Warren adopts an individualised approach, delivering crucial feedback and driving transformational outcomes for his clients. Through his expertise, Warren empowers individuals to amplify their influence and shape their destinies through compelling communication.