AWS Activate

Product Information

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally.

AWS Activate Portfolio is a free program designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that provides AWS Activate credits, exclusive offers, go-to-market support and more. These benefits are designed to give you the right mix of tools, resources and expert support to quickly get started on AWS and grow your business

Start-Up Program Offer

You will be eligible for:

● USD$5000 in AWS Activate credits valid for 2 years.

AWS Activate credits can be applied towards both eligible AWS Services and AWS Developer and Business Support plans.

How to Apply

1. Log in to your AWS Account where you would like to receive AWS credits.

If you do not have an AWS account, you can create one for free here.

Ensure AWS Account is accurate as you will not be able to transfer credits to another account in the future.

2. Then, click here to apply for AWS Activate.

3. Select Activate Portfolio and enter our case sensitive Organisation ID (1kcF4) to authenticate

your application. This Organisation ID is a case sensitive, unique identifier that should not be shared publicly.

4. Complete the application form in full and submit it. Ensure the information you provide matches with the information contained within your AWS Account e.g. your company name and email address.

5. Look out for a confirmation email. It can take on average 7 - 10 days to process your application.

Zendesk for Start-ups

Product Information

Zendesk provides software to better manage customer support, sales, and other customer communications.

Start-Up Program Offer

REACH companies will be eligible for:

● Six months of access to Zendesk Support Suite and Sales CRM (Sell, Reach, Support,

Guide, Talk, Chat and messaging), Zendesk Explore and Zendesk Sunshine at no cost.

● Online office hour sessions with their startups customer success team.

● Access to their Startups Community including events, content and resources.

How to Apply

Note: The offer is only available to new Zendesk customers with fewer than 100 employees and have not raised a round beyond Series B.

Microsoft For Start-ups

Product Information

Microsoft for Startups is a global program dedicated to helping startups successfully scale their companies.

The program supports qualifying startups across 4 pillars:

Tech Enablement

We connect founders with the tech they need to thrive. Access a package of perks, including a minimum of $25,000 of free Azure credits, GitHub Enterprise License, Microsoft 365 Licenses, and an extensive network of tech experts.

Corporate Readiness

The program connects tech startups with some of the biggest corporations and mentors that prepare our startups for enterprise selling.

Financial Readiness

Work closely with expert financial mentors to enhance the startups’ financial and business models.

Investor Readiness

Understand how investor ready you are and get exposure to Microsoft’s VC partner network.

Start-Up Program Offer

Eligibility criteria is:

1. You must be engaged in development of a software-based product or service that will form a core piece of your current or intended business - this software must be owned, not licensed.

2. Your Startup has not already received more than a total of $10,000 in free Azure.

3. Your headquarters must reside in the countries covered by our Azure global infrastructure.

4. Your startup has not gone through a Series D or later funding round..

5. Your startup must be privately held.

6. Your startup must be a for-profit business.

7. Your startup is not an educational institution, government entity, personal blog, dev shop, consultancy, agency, bitcoin or crypto mining company.

Read FAQs

How to Apply

Startups can apply directly here.


Product Information

An automated webinar platform that combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for attendees.

Start-Up Program Offer

One free account per company during the program - Only available to companies in the current program.

How to Apply

1. Use the link below to sign up for the 14-day free trial

2. Send an email to Melissa Kwan the founder of eWebinar ( Mention you are part of the REACH Australia {insert year} program and would love to take advantage of the special REACH offer. Provide the name and email address you used for login and mention the REACH Program runs until 31st October.

3. Melissa will extend your trial until the date of the REACH Graduation.

Hubspot for Start-Ups

Product Information

Whether you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, or streamline customer service,

HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service software solutions are designed to help companies grow more effectively and efficiently.

● Get started with HubSpot Free tools first - A guide to implementation & best practices to get the most value out of Hubspot

● Learn more about HubSpot or have specific questions for HubSpot for Startups' team - Sign up for their weekly Startup Office hours here.

● Education - Learn Sales, Marketing, and Services best practices for startups

● HubSpot Academy - From quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after business skills.

Start-Up Program Offer

With HubSpot for Startups, you get access to the same powerful suite of tools at a fraction of the cost.


● Less than $2 million in total funding up to Series A receive 90% scholarship the first year.

● Over $2 million in total funding (up to Series A) receive 50% scholarship the first year.

● Existing customers will receive a 30% scholarship in the first year.

● Not an existing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise HubSpot customer.

How to Apply

To access the scholarship offer, apply here.

Use this Startup Partner Code: egGNnfGLVeWP.

Note: Once your application is submitted, it will be sent to REACH for approval. This may take up to 48 hours.

Additional freebies from Hubspot for Startups:

● The Startup Tech Stack Guide and Tech Stack Guide: Comprehensive guides to help you navigate and optimise your technology stack.

Enjoy 12 Months FREE of Asana's Business Plan: Enjoy 12 months FREE of Asana's Business Plan (Please note that you must not currently be an Asana customer to redeem)

● $1000 in Google and LinkedIn Ad Credits Link:


Product Information

Freshworks provides customer and employee engagement solutions including CRM, livechat, support, marketing automation, ITSM and HRMS.

Start-Up Program Offer

REACH companies will be eligible for:

● US$10,000 in credits across eight products at any time within one year of account


● Total credits on up to US$1,250 available per product.


Product Information

Airwallex was created to make better global payments with cross border financial infrastructure to help its customers to sell and source where they need to, through multi-currency accounts, cards and a market-leading FX engine.

Zero fees. Nothing hidden. Lowest FX in the market. Open local bank accounts, stay in control of employee spend, manage international SaaS subscriptions without excessive fees and pay your contractors or suppliers quickly and cheaply.

With Airwallex, you can hold 30+ different foreign currencies, payout to 190 countries with industry-leading FX rates, spend with multi-currency cards, and withdraw your money - no double conversions required!

Start-Up Program Offer

Exclusive REACH offer - $50,000 of Free FX

How to Apply

Get access to REACH’s exclusive partner offer and priority onboarding with Airwallex when you sign up using this link